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When it comes to monetized websites such as, and there may be something much more sinister behind these ruthless website then ever imagined.These websites mentioned are posting people's personal and private information on the web on purpose in order to drum up business for Attorney's.

Believe it! The website is owned by Attorney Jeffrey Allen Steinport originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. This individual really screws over Americans and ruins people's careers and reputations, then advertises as an Attorney to represent people with consumer and employment matter. See where this is going.

This low life Attorney obviously cannot get any work so this is part of his scam to get business from unsuspecting victims all across the USA. Jeff Steinport ruins people's careers and reputations with his website and that is run by his sister Kim A. Steinport, then pretend like they have the solution for which he of course has created the problem. gained a 501c status?

We have to contact the IRS on this one and is supposedly owned by some nut job named Aaron Greenspan who is associated with Jeffrey Allen Steinport who now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona but is originally from District 3 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They ruin people's careers and reputations with their websites refuse to remove anything so you out there in the public need to pay a ransom, or of course hire some Lawyer for something that you should never even need a Lawyer for. Lawyers are becoming a thing of the past, as they are becoming completely useless and they are simply overabundant but they still have that knack to cause problems like Jeffrey Allen Steinport, so they can solve the problem for a fee of course. Remember Lawyers create the problems for which they already have the solution.

Its all about these Lawyers trying to find new methods and sources to make money and scam people out of their hard earned money. This individual Jeff Steinport gives a really bad name to the legal profession. He is a Libertarian and has run for office in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan in the 3rd District and lost in a landslide. He came in last!

Election Summary Report Schoolcraft County MI General Election ... Vertaal deze pagina 4 nov. 2008 - Jeff A. Steinport.

Lib. 4. 1.18%. Write-in Votes ...

28.34%. Danialle Karmanos. Rep. 84.

26.75% ... Write-in Votes. 0. 0.00%.

Jeffrey Allen Steinport has delusions of grandeur. Now he thinks because he has a law license that he is special and above the law, that the laws apply to everyone else but not to him. This individual should have undergone a thorough psychiatric examination before being issued a law license. They would have seen that this individual is not playing with a full deck and that he is a sociopath.

Jeffrey Allen Steinport is a cowardly individual who makes every attempt to hide his real identity from the public, while he appears to get his kicks out of destroying the careers and reputations of thousands of people in the United States. Jeffrey Allen's address is currently 9304 E Verde Grove View Suite 100 N Suite 200 Scottsdale, Arizona Phone number: 480-629-8000 Vianet Management, LLC Jeffrey Allen Steinport has worked for a computer data collection company in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2004 until he was able to acquire his law license somehow. Jeffrey Allen Steinport is also a Hacker and here are just some of the many computer skills that he has learned not to help anyone but just to screw over people for his personal enjoyment and profit. Jeff Steinport | LinkedIn Vertaal deze pagina Scottsdale, Arizona - Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer at Vianet Management, LLC - Vianet Management, LLC View Jeff Steinport's professional profile on LinkedIn.

... LPIC Level 1, FCC Ham Radio Technician License, ITIL Foundation, CompTIA A+, Licensed Attorney ... So, with this individual you link his computer skills learned to harm people in the United States along with his law license that he now uses to completely abuse the public and if anyone questions his criminal behavior he uses this law license to bully, harass, intimidate, oppress and threaten anyone who does not want to have his career and reputation affected by this criminal in anyway. This individual does not use his law license for the good of society but for the detriment of thousand of people in the United States.

Let's see exactly what a sick sociopath this Jeffrey Allen Steinport is. He ruins the careers and reputations of thousands of people in the United States with his vicious monetized websites, then he advertises the following as an Attorney? Jeffrey Allen Steinport - ... Contract Jeffrey Steinport Vertaal deze pagina Jeffrey Steinport is an attorney in Scottsdale, AZ.

5 years experience in Contract, Defamation & Slander, Labor Law, Website Defamation, Election & Political, , etc.

Other websites owned and run by 37 year old Jeff Steinport: Jeffrey Allen Steinport: Libertarian Party of Michigan: Newsletter of 11/6/2001 - Vertaal deze pagina 6 nov.2001 - Contact: Jeff Steinport Phone: (616) 447-0721 E-mail: November 10, 2001 - 6:30 PM: Defender of Liberty Awards ..


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IRS complaints in Dallas to investigate Jeffrey Allen Steinport rogue website 501c scam behaviors.


IRS is going to receive several complaints about Attorney Jeffrey Allen Steinport's financial irregularities and setting up his abusive websites under phony 501c companies. This individual is scamming the IRS and committing tax evasion and tax fraud.

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