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When it comes to monetized websites such as, and there may be something much more sinister behind these ruthless website then ever imagined. These websites mentioned are posting people's personal and private information on the web on purpose in order to drum up business for Attorney's.

Believe it! The website is owned by Attorney Jeffrey Allen Steinport originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. This individual really screws over Americans and ruins people's careers and reputations, then advertises as an Attorney to represent people with consumer and employment matter. See where this is going.

This low life Attorney obviously cannot get any work so this is part of his scam to get business from unsuspecting victims all across the USA. Jeff Steinport ruins people's careers and reputations with his website and that is run by his sister Kim A. Steinport, then pretend like they have the solution for which he of course has created the problem. gained a 501c status?

We have to contact the IRS on this one and is supposedly owned by some nut job named Aaron Greenspan who is associated with Jeffrey Allen Steinport who now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona but is originally from District 3 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They ruin people's careers and reputations with their websites refuse to remove anything so you out there in the public need to pay a ransom, or of course hire some Lawyer for something that you should never even need a Lawyer for. Lawyers are becoming a thing of the past, as they are becoming completely useless and they are simply overabundant but they still have that knack to cause problems like Jeffrey Allen Steinport, so they can solve the problem for a fee of course. Remember Lawyers create the problems for which they already have the solution.

Its all about these Lawyers trying to find new methods and sources to make money and scam people out of their hard earned money. This individual Jeff Steinport gives a really bad name to the legal profession. He is a Libertarian and has run for office in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan in the 3rd District and lost in a landslide. He came in last!

Election Summary Report Schoolcraft County MI General Election ... Vertaal deze pagina 4 nov. 2008 - Jeff A. Steinport.

Lib. 4. 1.18%. Write-in Votes ...

28.34%. Danialle Karmanos. Rep. 84.

26.75% ... Write-in Votes. 0. 0.00%.

Jeffrey Allen Steinport has delusions of grandeur. Now he thinks because he has a law license that he is special and above the law, that the laws apply to everyone else but not to him. This individual should have undergone a thorough psychiatric examination before being issued a law license. They would have seen that this individual is not playing with a full deck and that he is a sociopath.

Jeffrey Allen Steinport is a cowardly individual who makes every attempt to hide his real identity from the public, while he appears to get his kicks out of destroying the careers and reputations of thousands of people in the United States. Jeffrey Allen's address is currently 9304 E Verde Grove View Suite 100 N Suite 200 Scottsdale, Arizona Phone number: 480-629-8000 Vianet Management, LLC Jeffrey Allen Steinport has worked for a computer data collection company in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2004 until he was able to acquire his law license somehow. Jeffrey Allen Steinport is also a Hacker and here are just some of the many computer skills that he has learned not to help anyone but just to screw over people for his personal enjoyment and profit. Jeff Steinport | LinkedIn Vertaal deze pagina Scottsdale, Arizona - Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer at Vianet Management, LLC - Vianet Management, LLC View Jeff Steinport's professional profile on LinkedIn.

... LPIC Level 1, FCC Ham Radio Technician License, ITIL Foundation, CompTIA A+, Licensed Attorney ... So, with this individual you link his computer skills learned to harm people in the United States along with his law license that he now uses to completely abuse the public and if anyone questions his criminal behavior he uses this law license to bully, harass, intimidate, oppress and threaten anyone who does not want to have his career and reputation affected by this criminal in anyway. This individual does not use his law license for the good of society but for the detriment of thousand of people in the United States.

Let's see exactly what a sick sociopath this Jeffrey Allen Steinport is. He ruins the careers and reputations of thousands of people in the United States with his vicious monetized websites, then he advertises the following as an Attorney? Jeffrey Allen Steinport - ... Contract Jeffrey Steinport Vertaal deze pagina Jeffrey Steinport is an attorney in Scottsdale, AZ.

5 years experience in Contract, Defamation & Slander, Labor Law, Website Defamation, Election & Political, , etc.

Other websites owned and run by 37 year old Jeff Steinport: Jeffrey Allen Steinport: Libertarian Party of Michigan: Newsletter of 11/6/2001 - Vertaal deze pagina 6 nov. 2001 - Contact: Jeff Steinport Phone: (616) 447-0721 E-mail: November 10, 2001 - 6:30 PM: Defender of Liberty Awards ..

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Judith keene Greenspan of keene promotions is part owner of plainsite . Call and convince her to remove your info.

216-932-1989. Dont let them play the victim. These people are very wealthy have millions saved in Bank Leumi and other Israeli banksplainsite.orgAaron Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan the VP and Treasurer of are two very sick Sociopath's. One has to feel sorry for Aaron Greenspan's Mother having married total Psychotic Sociopath like Neil S Greenspan and then producing two sons who have issues.

The really dangerous Sociopath is Aaron Jacob Greenspan who enjoys going in to the Federal Pacer system where people's personal legal cases are and then this Sociopath selectively downloads legal cases, then this Sociopath uploads the most harmful information on to his vicious monetized website, in order to intentionally destroy people's careers, reputations, families and lives.Aaron Greenspan is a sick Sociopath who fully enjoys dishing things out to other people, in order to defame, destroy and shame people online but he doesn't enjoy receiving his own medicine.Aaron Greenspan belongs locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital where he was locked up in Cleveland, Ohio for 6 months at the age of 16 and heavily sedated and placed on the medication Haldol. We all knew this in Shaker Heights, Ohio that there was something completely off with this Sociopath Aaron Jacob Greenspan. Just the looks and insane stares that Aaron Jacob Greenspan would give people was like freaky.It should be noted that Aaron Jacob Greenspan's father Neil S Greenspan has that same Psychotic look in his eyes. We can't believe this guy can even hold a job and if the University where he works found out about all of his IRS tax fraud schemes, psychiatric issues with him and his family and the danger that he poses to students with his Sociopathy we think that his employer would fire him immediately as he should.

Nobody should ever hire Neil S Greenspan.

He should be locked up on a Psychiatric ward and medicated with Psychiatric drugs for both Neil S Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan are insane. In any other other country both Neil S Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan would be placed in a Psychiatric hospital and not allowed to produce any more Sociopathic children who are a danger and a menace to society at large.Neil Sanford Greenspan with NPI Number [protected] works at UH Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio 11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio USA, telephone [protected]Fax: [protected]Neil Sanford Greenspan age 65 and his wife Judith Keene Greenspan age 62 home address is the following:20560 ShelburneShaker Heights, Ohio 44122Home Value: $92, 000Usage: Single DwellingOwner: Judith Keene Greenspan (because husband Neil Sanford Greenspan is worried about being sued by people when it comes to and the fraudulent 501c they are running and if the IRS finds out they will seize their assets and quick too)Assessed Property Value: $103, 400Assessed Land Value: $32, 520Previous addresses:858 Berick, Saint Louis, MO 631324701 Pine, Philadelphia, PA 191433715 Warrensville Center, Shaker Heights, OH 441224300 Osage, Philadelphia, PA 19104BOC PO Box, Greensboro, NC 27420715 Warrensville, Shaker Heights, OH 44121


Aaron Jacob Greenspan aka Aaron Greenspan is the founder of Think Computer Foundation, which manages Plain Site ( Aaaron’s website states that he has registered Plain Site, a purported public access function to court websites, as a 501(c)(3) charity in line with IRS regulations.The basis for the website came from Aaron’s own interest and experience with technology and the law.

Aaaron claimed that the purpose of Think Computer Foundation was to help children through technology. Yet, later this became a personal piggy bank for him to fund his numerous lawsuits. In the past, he has claimed he was defamed because he was left out of book and movie deals due to defamation by omission. Each of his lawsuits were dismissed and he was hit with a motion for sanctions at each step.The case is:Greenspan v.

Random House, et al., Case No. 1:11-CV-12000-RBC (District of Massachusetts) (Greenspan’s lawsuit is dismissed and appeal is denied and supreme court review was denied)Far from helping children, which is nothing more than a cover, Think Computer Foundation and Plain Site have morphed into a personal piggy bank for Aaron Greenspan to fund his own speech. In sum and substance, Think Computer Foundation, Plain Site, and Aaron Greenspan are alter egos of each other. They do not exist separately.

They do not have an independent board. They do not have separate auditors, attorneys etc. Instead, Aaaron uses these companies and foundations to raise fraudulent donations from donors, of which I am one, and to efficiently evade taxes.Aaron has also active sued the US Court System, on behalf of Think Computer Foundation, attempting to act pro se. However, his suit was struck out because under long standing precedent, a corporation cannot be represented by an unlicensed attorney.

Aaron is not a licensed attorney. He is also a college drop out. In sum and substance, he over promises and under delivers and what you are left with is feeling cheated and feeling like you have funded a conspiracy theorist. It is truly unfortunate because here is a guy with so much promise if he could just be honest.The case is:Aaron Greenspan, Think Computer Foundation v.

Administrative Office of the US Courts, Case No. 5:2014-CV-2396 JTM(Case Dismissed, Appeal Denied)The Fraud and IRS Problem with Plain Site and Think Computer Foundation:Aaron has collectved donations from his friends and colleagues, myself included in the amount of $100,000, and to date we have not seen a single dime used in the manner described to us when he requested the donation. When I personally asked for my donation back, he pointed that he controls Think Computer Foundation and can personally use the money as he sees fit. I am in the process of filing suit for fraud and conversion in state court and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with either Aaaron Greenspan or any of his alter egos.But let me back up a bit.

What was described to us as a part of Think Computer Foundation and later Plain Site? Think Computer Foundation was purportedly to help needy kids through technology. But needy kids don’t really need access to court records do they? No, they dont.

So Think Computer Foundation later became synonymous with Plain Site, which is an alternative to the publicly funded PACER court system access to documents. So, instead of helping needy children, Aaron now has a personal site masquerading as a court access website and Aaron, and only Aaron, gets to pick what or which documents are uploaded and available on Plainsite.We were under the impression that this was a reputable guy, that he was also independently wealthy and, thus, our donations would go to a good cause: public access to a court system. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell, which one, if any, of Aaron’s claims are true. Each time his company has a problem, he attempts to act ike a lawyer or change the rules so that they don’t apply to him.

Worse, the Plain Site website has become nothing more than a trolling adventure for Aaron. Every time there is a new news story that details someone’s misfortune, he uploads their docket on to the website and publicly shames them both online and through his tweets. While public dissemination of information is certainly a goal worthy of support — and that is why I and others have contributed to his foundation in the past. However, using the foundation, plain site and related twitter accounts as a trolling feature to publicly shame and defame individuals is not what his donors signed up for.

It is also completely against the rules of a purported IRS 501(c)(3) foundation. Tax free entities are not meant to be used as personal media outlets for trolling purposes.Aaron has committed a fraud by taking money, services and equipment from his donors to perpetuate a continuing personal website masquerading as a charity.The Fraud Problem with Aaron Greenspan and Coinbase, Inc.Now, what comes next? Aaron applies for a license to issue digital currency in Florida. Website is gets even more interesting:Aaron was charged in connection with a criminal complaint for False Claims Violations and Fraud in United States v.

Yurygrenadyor, Case No. 09-CV-7891, although the charges were dismissed.None of this information has ever been disclosed to his donors and perhaps his investors. He is a conman with a slick sales pitch. He wants to help people help others, especially the needy, through technology.

But its all lies. He is an abrasive, ill-tempered man with poor business judgment and completely lacking in ethics.When I met Aaron I thought he was out to change the world. He was idenpendently wealthy. He wanted others to help him through his foundation change the world through technology.

But he will talk to you until your check clears. The moment it does, all promises are off. What are you are actually funding is Aaron Greenspan and no one else. And his foundation is nothing more than a sham and he is likely to lose his 501(c)(3) certification.

I have sent in an email to the IRS through their reporting service. I have filed suit in state court to get return of my money and I am wondering if Aaron has hit other people up for donations to his foundation? Did he disclose how many times he has been sued or sued himself? Did he disclose to you his selection process of what gets included and what does in Plain Site and how he sets up pages to defame people?

Is anyone else owed money? Did you guys know that you are funding Aaron Greenspan’s endless series of frivolous lawsuits? His defamation campaigns? His advertisements?

Please report it here.Aaron Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan are both mentally ill Narcissist Sociopath’s with anti-social tendencies.

Neil S Greenspan is able to hide his mental illness better because of all the continued studying that he does so that his mind does not wander to doing insane things like his son Aaron Greenspan who is a danger and menace to societyShare via FacebookShare via TwitterShare via RedditShare via GoogleShare via TumblrPosted in Society & Culture/ Tagged Aaron Greenspan, Aaron J Greenspan, Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, Facebook, facecash, Judi Greenspan, Judith Keene Greenspan, Judy Greenspan, keene promotions,, Neil S. Greenspan, Neil Sanford Greenspan,, Simon GreenspanPost navigation


IRS complaints in Dallas to investigate Jeffrey Allen Steinport rogue website 501c scam behaviors.


IRS is going to receive several complaints about Attorney Jeffrey Allen Steinport's financial irregularities and setting up his abusive websites under phony 501c companies. This individual is scamming the IRS and committing tax evasion and tax fraud.

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